Sunday, August 4, 2013

Housewarming 101

So, everyone who knows me knows I love to host a party!  I invited a few friends over to celebrate my new was a little warm, but it ended up being a beautiful day!  60 or so of my closest friends showed up for some good eats, hillbilly golf, and a dance party (for those late night guests).  It was a great night...and I have enough wine to throw another massive get together!  :)  Thanks to everyone for coming, for the fun gifts, and for helping me enjoy my home.  My goal was to take pictures of everyone, but I got caught up in talking and socializing, so I only got a few! 




Yes, Kari made it through the doggie door. 

 This is not my apartment...we went to Silverleaf, Springfield's oldest bar, for our after party.

What a fun day/night!!!

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