Sunday, August 4, 2013

Who knew 2013 would be the year of the new home?

El Salvador.  Has a nice ring to it!
A little over 4 months ago, I had started browsing websites with home listings.  I wasn't too terribly serious, but it was fun to pretend like I was actually looking, if that makes any sense.  I mean, I had lived with mom for almost 9 months so I knew I needed to do something, just wasn't sure what my next step would be.  Well, all of it became a little more real when a friend of mine, who is a realtor, emailed me a couple of listings of some homes that he thought I might like. Well, like them I did...especially the last one on the list.  I went and did a walk through, and fell in love with everything about the home, and BOOM, just like that, it was mine.  Okay okay, maybe not "just like that"...for anyone who had any kind of interaction with me from February 23rd until May 3rd, you know that was definitely not the case!  (By the way, quick shout out to those who listened to my whining and complaining).  So this beautiful house that I had fallen in love with was technically not a foreclosure, but something very similar case, which meant lots of hoops to go through.  I decided that I had to have this house and I immediately started planning the decorating of the home that was not yet mine, and became very anxious, praying very hard that everything would work out.  Well, it did...and after 3, 4, 5 possible closing dates, the home that I fell in love with became mine on May 3rd at 11 am.  What happened in the 3 days following the closing was not so happy, but everything worked out.  My painter guy did us wrong, but we had lots of family and friends there to help us with the painting and the cleaning!  It was all starting to come together and this little home was beginning to feel like mine!  Now, almost 2 months later, I am moved in and am even more in love with this house.  I have had lots of good "other dads" out there who have been to my rescue with things like the  installation of doors, coming over and doing small projects, fixing my know, the typical things you'd call on your dad for.
My goal was to take more pictures of the progress and all the friends and family that came over to help, but I kinda forgot, so I just have a few pics of the before and then a few during the painting, etc. 
Thanks to EVERYONE who came out to help paint, clean, install things, and just be there to help me enjoy my home!

 Before the walls were painted and the carpets cleaned.


 Our little painting helpers...well, maybe not helpers but they sure were cute!

 Part of the "after".
 My "Welcome to your new home shoes"!
My momma did a GREAT job with the stripes!!!!!!!!!!!

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