Sunday, August 4, 2013

Christmas in July? I think so... of my favorite months of the year.  Not only is it closer and closer to my FAVORITE time of year, it is also summertime, and best of all my birthday!  This July did not disappoint.  I started out the month taking a little road trip to Dallas with mom to help our friends, the Williams, pack up and move to Springfield.  While there, I couldn't let the chance to go to IKEA pass me by, so Mom and I took a little 3 hour break to go to the IKEA store to get things for my new home!  It. Was. Awesome.  I can't wait for the IKEA in KC to get built!
Next off was Ball of the Wild...a fundraiser for the Zoo at O'reilly Event Center.  I went with Kari, John and Andrea and we had a BLAST!!!  The band this year was amazing...we danced, and danced, and danced some more!  Thanks to my mom, and Andrea's mother-in-law (and mom's best friend) for coming and picking us up.  You guys are awesome!
The time then came for a little family trip to was a little time to celebrate mom's 60th birthday coming up in November and Stephanie's 40th birthday which was last February.  We did some shopping, played in the pool, did some more shopping, and even got to go to Silver Dollar City.  It was a great week!
Next on the agenda was my 33rd, that's just starting to sound old.  30 didn't bother me, neither did 31 or 32...but 33?  It's taking a little toll on me.  BUT I have amazing family and friends that made it an absolutely amazing day!  My birthday fell on a Thursday this year, and even though I had to work a 1/2 day, it was a pretty fantastic day.  Started out with my sister, Gail, and her 3 kids dropping by my office to deliver me a dozen pink roses (anyone who knows me, knows I love flowers) and pretzel m&ms, and then it was off to St Louis with two of my besties and their hubbies for 24 hours of fun.  Little did they know when they got our tickets to the STL Cardinals game, that the Cardinals would be celebrating Christmas in July...complete with a Buddy the Elf in the crowd, Christmas decorations everywhere, and even Christmas music playing in between the innings!  It was fantastical!  It was then off to Paddy-O's for a little post-game celebrating!  Two of Megan and Tim's friends, the Francis', were able to join us for the game and the celebration...we had so much fun.  On Friday we took a little trip to the City Museum, which was the best $12 I've ever spent.  There was so many fun things to do, complete with a 10 story slide.  After that, we hit lunch at Schafly's and then hit a couple of Antique Stores before heading back to Springfield.  Then on Sunday, we celebrated my birthday with my family...and what better way to celebrate than with another Christmas in July themed party?  My mom made a complete Christmas dinner, had the table set as if it were Christmas and even had Christmas decorations up, which included a Christmas tree!  My presents were all wrapped in Christmas paper...we even watched my favorite Christmas movie, Christmas Vacation, as a family.  So, all in all, my July was great!  Fantastic!  One of the best yet!!!!  I've been told that 33 is supposed to be your happiest year...or so, that is what google says.  And google doesn't lie...right? 
Below are a few pictures from the month!
 Heaven on Earth!
 Yes, I drove this beast from Dallas to Springfield.
 Our Ball of the Wild Crew!

 Welcome to Springfield, Andrea!
 Love the Hamras!
 Shots, anyone?
 On our way to SDC for a day of fun!
 Waiting for the train!
 Aaron, Jonathan, Faith and Gail ride the kiddie roller coaster.
 Then it was on to the big time...the American Plunge.  The kids did great!

 These 3 kids just make me laugh!
 My birthday flowers and surprise visitors.
Before we begin our road trip, someone gets Iced.  :)

At the hotel, getting ready to head out!
 A little pre-game drink!
 Christmas in July at Busch Stadium.
Cards WIN!!!


 The Arch at night!
 St. Louis City Museum
 Tim and John are climbing to the top!
 Waiting to ride the 10 story slide.
 Climbing the really really really tall cage outside.  I got a little bit nervous.

 Even preggars could do the mazes!

 Christmas in July with the family!

Housewarming 101

So, everyone who knows me knows I love to host a party!  I invited a few friends over to celebrate my new was a little warm, but it ended up being a beautiful day!  60 or so of my closest friends showed up for some good eats, hillbilly golf, and a dance party (for those late night guests).  It was a great night...and I have enough wine to throw another massive get together!  :)  Thanks to everyone for coming, for the fun gifts, and for helping me enjoy my home.  My goal was to take pictures of everyone, but I got caught up in talking and socializing, so I only got a few! 




Yes, Kari made it through the doggie door. 

 This is not my apartment...we went to Silverleaf, Springfield's oldest bar, for our after party.

What a fun day/night!!!